We found cookies without seed oil! (chocolate chip and more)

It’s hard to find cookies without seed oil (like soybean oil), but we went looking and we found some good seed oil free cookies! Here are our top picks. Below the table, we go into more details about the science behind seed oil and about these cookies.

ImageCookiesFlavorCooking FatArtificial additives?

Walker's Shortbread Traditional Assortment, Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies, 17.6 Oz BoxShortbreadButterNone!
seed oil free cookiesChocolate Chip (and Chunk) CookiesChocolate ChipButterNone!
Jacques World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies w/coated bottoms (6pk)Chocolate ChipButterBaking powder, soy lecithin
Unna Bakery Butter Cookies 3.4 oz gift boxes (Ginger Snaps by Unna Bakery, 1)Ginger SnapButterNatural flavor, potato starch
seed oil free cookiesOne dozen homemade Peanut Butter cookiesPeanut ButterButterNone!

Everybody is so used to our food being produced with harmful ingredients like seed oils, carrageenan, and other unnatural additives, that we are sure there’s no such thing as a healthy cookie. Or, if cookies can be healthy, they have to be made with strange “healthy” substitutes that don’t really taste that great. But this is probably false!

In moderation, there isn’t really any problem with eating classic, delicious cookies, as long as they are made in the traditional way that was used before seed oils became widespread.

Can Cookies Really Be Healthy?

If you can’t believe that cookies can ever be healthy, if you are sure that they can only be a guilty treat, then read on! Classic and delicious chocolate chip cookies are made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and a few other things. The cookie brands available at the store, on the other hand, are made using seed oils, often canola oil. They also have a bunch of crazy chemical additives in them. People think that the sugar in the cookies is what makes them unhealthy, but one hundred years ago people ate plenty of sugar and cookies and they had none of the obesity problem that we have today. Diabetes was also very rare, despite the fairly high amount of carbs and sugar that they ate! That makes us think that sugar is not the main problem, something else is. Good news for your sweet tooth!

Chocolate Chip Cookies with no seed oil

Some good seed oil free shortbread cookies

These classic Scottish shortbread cookies are made with only four traditional ingredients, butter, flour, eggs, and sugar! No seed oil so enjoy them!

Walker’s Shortbread Traditional Assortment, Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies, 17.6 Oz Box

Ginger snaps with no seed oil

These traditional Swedish cookies come in several flavors, such as brown butter and raspberry jelly. We bet their ginger snaps are delicious. They are made with butter.

Unna Bakery Butter Cookies 3.4 oz gift boxes (Ginger Snaps by Unna Bakery, 1)

Oatmeal cookies made with good butter, not seed oil

These oatmeal cookies are mostly free of additives, and they’re made with butter and palm oil, not seed oil. That’s good!

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookie Bag 5oz (Nut-Free) 1 Bag

Peanut butter cookies that don’t have seed oil

These peanut butter cookies are made with traditional ingredients. There’s no seed oil in them.


Chocolate chip cookies without seed oil are here!

We found several good chocolate chip cookies that don’t have seed oils. They are all cooked with butter, which is good. The cookies at the etsy link are great, with no additives or anything, just traditional ingredients and sugar (which we don’t believe is a problem). TheseĀ  would be classic, delicious cookies with nothing weird in them.


If you’re not comfortable buying food on etsy, we found some good chocolate chip cookies on amazon.com as well. These ones are famous for the delicious taste that comes from mixing cake flour into the cookie. They are almost totally fine for your health as well. They do contain soy lecithin, but in moderation they should be great and very tasty!

Jacques World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies w/coated bottoms (6pk)

These seed oil free chocolate chip cookies are made with oat flour and do not contain soy lecithin. They use coconut oil for their cooking fat. If sugar concerns you, they are also made with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar. They also state that their flour is free of glyphosate. These cookies should be OK for almost any health requirements, containing absolutely no artificial additives! They also come in a cinnamon flavor.

Maxine’s Heavenly Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies | Low Carb, Low Sugar, Vegan Snacks, Plant Based Snack, Kosher, Gluten Free Snack – Healthy Snacks | 2 Pack = 24 Cookies

Another good chocolate chip cookie we found on amazon.com also is close to being totally fine for you. It does have soy lecithin in it, so please enjoy it in moderation.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bag 5oz (Nut-Free) 6 Bags

It’s the Seed Oil!

Today many people struggle with fat gain and fatigue. Sugar gets blamed for this, but one of the most significant changes in our diet has been the replacement of traditional fats like butter with factory product vegetable seed oils, like canola oil.

The PUFA Controversy

These seed oils are claimed to be more healthy since they are composed largely of polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) unlike butter which has lots of saturated fat and hardly any PUFA. The claim is that PUFA is healthier than saturated fat, but the best scientific studies seem to show just the opposite. PUFA has been found to increase inflammation, raise the risk of heart disease, slow the metabolism, and produce pre-diabetic changes.

Saturated Fat Is Healthy?

Meanwhile saturated fat, like in butter, actually seems to protect against heart disease, decrease inflammation, and defends against the dangerous effects of the PUFA in seed oils. The countries that eat the most PUFA have the highest rates of heart disease; this is referred to as a “paradox” by researchers who don’t want to admit that PUFA is highly unhealthy compared to saturated fat.

Sugar could be fine!

They say that seed oil ruins your body’s ability to use sugar. A healthy person can eat plenty of carbs and sugar and get lots of energy without gaining fat. But the PUFA in seed oil seems to damage all of your cells so that they can’t efficiently use that sugar. This PUFA damage has two effects. It slows your metabolism, making you fatigued because your cells aren’t using this sugary fuel very well. Second, some researchers say that it produces the pre-diabetic chemical changes that are found before diabetes develops, and that are linked with obesity. When your body is being damaged by seed oil PUFA, instead of burning sugar for energy, it seems that your body stays fatigued and uses the sugar to store bodyfat instead.

Metabolic syndrome and diabetes – Are they produced by seed oil?

Eventually, this harmful situation can lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes, two conditions that were very rare before seed oils became as common as they are today. So, if you have removed seed oils and PUFA from your diet, and you are not already diabetic, you could be able to eat full sugar chocolate chip cookies (in moderation) with no guilt or worry about fat gain or bad health!

Chocolate is deliciously healthy!

Chocolate itself is considered a superfood, it’s so healthy. It is known to tune up the neurotransmitters in your brain – chocolate contains a substance called tyramine which can increase dopamine in your brain, producing more motivation, cheerfulness, and better brain health! Researchers say that people who eat dark chocolate have improvements in their memory, and a lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

But what about wheat?

If you have a wheat allergy, you should of course avoid consuming it. But otherwise, we prefer cookies made with wheat over gluten-free alternatives like almond flour. This is because these alternative flours generally contain high amounts of PUFA, while wheat has much less.

The bottom line: You can enjoy cookies without seed oil – guilt free!

There’s no reason you shouldn’t have a cookie for a treat now and then, just make sure it has minimal PUFA and no seed oil! Healthy and lean people 100 years ago ate plenty of cookies and other treats, with no apparent bad effects. Today’s bad health problems and obesity are very likely not caused by wheat, carbs, or treats like cookies, but by the replacement of good, traditional butter and tallow with tremendous amounts of factory produced high-PUFA seed oils. So enjoy a tasty seed oil free cookie without worrying!

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