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Tallow Potato Chips

Grass fed beef tallow & organic potatoes

Beef tallow potato chips without seed oil of any kind

Seed oil free snacks

Our tallow potato chips have zero seed oils, and the potatoes are free of pesticides.

Elite quality ingredients

Our potato chips are made from grass-fed, grass-finished beef tallow, organic potatoes, and salt processed without chemicals. Tallow gives our chips a great savory flavor. The other chip brands use junk seed oil and pesticide potatoes.

What’s the deal with tallow?

Tallow makes the highest quality potato chips. Why? Because tallow tastes the best, and because tallow is a traditional, natural cooking fat prized for its vitality and quality. Tallow is beef fat, and we get it from grass-fed, grass-finished cows.

Other chip brands use junk seed oils, not quality tallow. We think seed oils are disgusting. That’s why we fried
our potato chips in quality tallow. Tallow gives our chips an incredible savory taste.

We couldn’t bear selling junk chips that make people fat. That’s why we used quality tallow instead.

Potatoes without pesticides

We use organic potatoes because we don’t want harmful pesticides in our potato chips. Most non-organic potatoes are sprayed with pesticides that can damage our hormone systems and the environment, according to scientific studies.

But our tallow potato chips don’t have those potato pesticides, just good natural potatoes.

Salt that’s not chemically processed

Did you know most salt is processed with chemicals? Many salt brands put chemical additives in the salt as well to keep it from clumping during manufacturing. Typical potato chips are made with salt that’s been in contact with chemicals.

But we use salt straight from nature. No additives and no chemical processing. We want out potato chips to be perfect.