The Best Mayonnaise Without Seed Oils

Seed oils are probably the most unhealthy thing in the American diet. Most mayonnaise products are made of soybean oil or other seed oils that we believe cause inflammation, diabetes, cancer, depression, and more. But you can enjoy mayonnaise without seed oils without trading your health away. These mayo products are seed oil free.

ImageMayoOil usedPUFAArtificial additives?
Chosen Foods Classic Keto Mayo 12 oz. (1 Pack), Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free for Sandwiches, Dressings, Sauces and RecipesCoconut oil0gNo
Primal Kitchen Mayo made with Avocado Oil, Whole30 Approved, Certified Paleo, and Keto Certified, 12 Ounces.Avocado oil1.5gNo
Chosen Foods 100% Avocado Oil-Based Classic Mayonnaise
Avocado oil1.5gNo

What’s wrong with seed oils?

Unhealthy mayo is chock full of seed oil. Seed oils are so bad for our health because they contain so much damaging Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, or PUFA. One of the most important things for good health is a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism not only keeps you lean and trim, but it means your body has enough energy to fight off fatigue and degenerative disease like arthritis. But when your metabolism is slow, you get tired and slow. You gain fat despite not eating all that much. People with slow metabolisms are known to develop diabetes, heart disease, and obesity much more than others do. This is called “metabolic disorder,” and it is probably caused by PUFA, which seed oil mayo is full of. Basically, PUFA damages each of your cells. PUFA makes it so these cells can’t run as fast and as smoothly, which is what it means to have a slow metabolism. This is why scientists find that the more PUFA a person eats, the slower that person’s metabolism is. They also find that the regions with the highest PUFA diets have the most degenerative disease.

Mayo from coconut oil speeds up life!

Our favorite seed-oil free mayo brand uses coconut oil. Coconut oil produces fat loss all by itself. People who eat a little coconut oil in addition to their normal diet actually find that they begin to lose some fat. This is because coconut oil makes your metabolism faster. Many people report feeling more energy after eating coconut oil. Some even melt it in their coffee for an extra boost! Coconut oil has these energizing effects because it is composed almost entirely of saturated fat. Seed oil, being composed largely of PUFA, is the opposite and so it fatigues you, fattens you, and makes you prone to chronic illness.

Saturated fat is better than PUFA?

Despite all this evidence, for a while some people have thought that PUFA is more healthy than saturated fat. You’ve probably heard these claims. They say that not only is seed oil PUFA healthy, saturated fat is actually dangerous! The reality seems to be just the opposite of this. Studies show that saturated fat is much healthier than PUFA, which is involved directly in inflammation, fat gain, and the chemical changes that lead to diabetes, just to name a few. Why is PUFA so unhealthy? Probably because it is hard to eat very much PUFA in the typical natural diet, so we really aren’t made to consume very much of it. You really have to be eating a lot of seed oils to get a lot of PUFA in your diet, and this unnatural situation is unfortunately very common today.

Benefits of saturated fat

It seems that consuming saturated fat and very little PUFA can lower inflammation, protect you from obesity, and even protect you from the little PUFA that sneaks into your diet now and then. Saturated fat opposes the effects of PUFA. When you eat saturated fat at the same time as PUFA, it can somewhat counteract the PUFA. This is why it’s important to eat food with much more saturated fat than PUFA in it. Whatever PUFA is in the food won’t hurt you too much because the larger amount of saturated fat balances it out. So the saturated fat/PUFA ratio that we show here is very important. SFA is an abbreviation for saturated fat. The higher the SFA/PUFA ratio the better for your health.

Coconut oil wins the SFA/PUFA ratio

Mayo made with only coconut oil is great because coconut oil has a SFA/PUFA ratio of 48.1, which means there is over 48 times as much saturated fat as harmful PUFA in the oil in that mayo. This is great. You can compare that to the normal mayo made with seed oil. Oftentimes the seed oil used is soybean oil, which has an SFA/PUFA ratio of 0.25. So, coconut oil’s ratio is nearly 200 times superior to the soybean oil in the other mayo! It’s no surprise that one of these mayo brands will improve your health and the other will likely steal your energy and fatten you!

Olive oil mayo (but be careful of blends!)

Mayo without seed oil can be made with olive oil, which is pretty good too. But make sure there isn’t some other bad oil sneaking in there! Olive oil’s SFA/PUFA ratio is 1.61, which is not bad. There is not that much PUFA in olive oil anyway, at only 8.4%. So olive oil mayo is alright!

However, we can’t find a single brand that uses ONLY olive oil in their mayo. While some brands advertise olive oil mayo, every one we’ve seen is in reality a blend with a seed oil. Don’t get one of those!

Avocado oil mayo

Avocado oil isn’t quite as good as coconut oil or olive oil, but it is still a lot better than the seed oils. It has 13% PUFA and a SFA/PUFA ratio of 1.23. We prefer the others but if you like the taste, you can probably eat avocado oil mayo in moderation without too bad health effects. Maybe you could eat a little bit of coconut oil or take a Vitamin E supplement at the same time as the avocado oil, because both of these will tend to counteract PUFA a little.

The bottom line on seed oils and mayonnaise

Seed oils are high in PUFA and mayo from the store is usually just full of seed oil. PUFA probably damages your health pretty badly, causing fatigue, fat gain, and inflammation, which can eventually lead to disease. For this reason, we recommend choosing mayo brands made with no seed oil, low PUFA, and higher saturated fat. (contrary to conventional wisdom!) These brands will probably be a lot healthier, give you energy, and even prevent degenerative disease over the long term, when your lifestyle and diet is healthy!

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