Why beef tallow?

  • It doesn’t degrade under heat
  • It make the potato chips extra savory
  • It isn’t seed oil. It’s very low in PUFA.

Other brands use junk oil. We use tallow.

Junk oil tastes dull. Tallow tastes great.

Junk oil makes you fat. Tallow burns fat. (really!)

What is junk oil?

Junk oil is the seed oil that nearly all chips are fried in. It’s true – potato chips are made with “seed oils” like soybean oil.

These junk oils go rancid and ruin your health.

They don’t taste good.

That’s why we fried our potato chips in quality tallow. Tallow is beef fat.

Tallow gives our chips a unique savory taste.

Unlike seed oils, tallow is a healthy traditional fat that’s been prized for thousands of years by hunter gatherers and nomads. But few people ate seed oils until 50 years ago. And that’s when obesity took off.

Junk seed oils and obesity

A lot of scientists think seed oils cause obesity.

Why? Seed oils contain something called PUFA, an unstable fat that degrades under the heat of frying. When your body eats that degraded PUFA, it is stored in your cells and your metabolism gets bogged down.

But tallow has almost no PUFA so it doesn’t degrade when it’s fried.

Tallow stays strong, and it makes you strong. Tallow naturally contains CLA, a potent fat burner.

Our chips will speed up your metabolism, because they’re made with tallow.

We couldn’t bear selling junk chips that make people fat. It’s a point of honor.

  • Our chips strengthen you, not make you fat.
  • Our chips are the highest quality.
  • Our chips are all natural and delicious.

Because we used quality tallow, not junk seed oil.

Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 in


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