We found popcorn without seed oil

If you love popcorn, but you really don’t love the seed oil that comes with it, then we’ve found some great popcorn without seed oil for you! Read on to find out what cooking oil these delicious popcorn products are made with, and for more info on why you really don’t want to be eating seed oil!

ImagePopcornCooking fatOrganic?Artificial additives?
LesserEvil Himalayan Pink Salt Organic Popcorn, No Artificial Ingredients, Coconut Oil, Pack of 12, 0.88 oz BagsCoconut OilYesNo
Orville Redenbacher's Naturals Light Classic Butter & Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn, 2.69 oz Classic Bag, 3 ctPalm Oil, ButterNoNo

The LesserEvil popcorn comes in a bag, ready for you to eat. It’s made with coconut oil and it’s organic, which is very good since corn is usually treated heavily with pesticides and you don’t want to be eating that. Organic corn is free of pesticides.

The Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn will have the delicious butter flavor popcorn should have. It is microwave popcorn, so you can have the fun of popping it for yourself.

Neither popcorn brand has any artificial junk in it.

A cup of buttery popcorn with no seed oil

Why should I get popcorn without seed oil in it?

Because popcorn is delicious but seed oil is no good! Seed oil might be the number one bad thing in our diets. Why do we think that? Because we looked at the historical diet trends and it’s the only thing that makes sense.

So what has changed in the diet?

There has been a mysterious rise in conditions like metabolic syndrome and obesity over the last 100 years. That’s right, 100 years ago almost no one was overweight. Nowadays, the majority of people in the USA are struggling with weight gain. You may have heard that this is because we eat more carbs or sugar, but in reality we actually eat slightly less carbs today! We do eat a little bit more sugar, but actually not that much more. They ate lots of sugar 100 years ago and they still weren’t fat.

(We got much of the historical information on what people ate several generations ago from this 1939 USDA publication.)

They ate plenty of sweets long ago. But their popcorn had no seed oil in it!
They ate plenty of sweets in the old days!

The trend shows a rise in obesity along with a rise in seed oils

The only likely thing that has really changed in the average American’s diet has been a huge increase in consuming seed oils, and in chemical additives and contaminants. People never used to eat seed oils, because they weren’t used for food! Instead, they ate butter, olive oil, or animal fats. (Source)

And that’s why we recommend you get all your foods free of seed oil!

(People also eat a lot more chicken, tomatoes, and oranges than they used to 100 years ago, but these can’t possibly be causing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc)

Keep it natural and only eat popcorn without seed oil!
Stay natural – don’t eat seed oil!

Dont’t forget the chemicals

Of course, there has also been an increase in the weird chemicals that get into food. A lot of food has chemical additives. But the popcorn brands we mentioned don’t have any additives.

Another source of unnatural chemicals in our food is pesticides. Our top popcorn pick is organic, so it has no pesticides in it. The other brand could have some. Popcorn comes from corn, of course, and corn is usually sprayed with a lot of pesticides, especially the hormone damaging chemical, atrazine. 59 million pounds of atrazine were sprayed on cornfields in 2021 according to the USDA. That’s why it’s good to get organic popcorn, so that you aren’t exposed to chemicals like this.

Avoid seed oils everywhere!

Popcorn isn’t the only seed oil source of course! Fried foods are usually cooked in a lot of seed oil. These are some of the tastiest foods, so we put a lot of effort into finding good, seed oil free brands to help you stay healthy while still enjoying tasty snacks! Here’s potato chips without seed oil, and here’s seed oil free french fries. Enjoy!

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