Cheese puffs without seed oil! (cheese curls too)

Everybody loves cheese puffs but they’re usually made with nasty seed oils. So we went looking for cheese puffs without seed oils and we found some good ones! Both these snacks are free of additives, and mostly organic, so you don’t really have to worry about chemicals either.

ImageCheese PuffsCooking fatOrganic?Artificial additives?
LesserEvil No Cheese Cheesiness Organic Paleo Puffs, Grain Free, Vegan, Minimally Processed, No Vegetable OilCoconut OilYesNo
LesserEvil No Cheese Cheesiness Power Curls, Grain Free, Minimally Processed, Avocado Oil, Egg White ProteinAvocado OilMostlyNo

Both of these products don’t use cheese, but they don’t use any weird artificial flavors either. We haven’t been able to find cheese puffs that use real cheese but also don’t use seed oil. In the meantime, these snacks look very good! We like the Paleo Puffs best because they use coconut oil only.

Why eat cheese curls without seed oils?

It’s probably a good idea to avoid seed oils, which are the factory produced cooking fats like soybean oil or canola oil. These are commonly found in processed foods, and a lot of people think that they are very bad for your health. There’s a strong theory that seed oils are responsible for metabolic syndrome and obesity. That’s why we advise eating these cheese puffs instead of ones that contain seed oils.

A bag of cheese puffs with no seed oils

Are seed oils bad for us?

100 years ago, almost no one in America was overweight or had diabetes. You might have heard it’s because they didn’t eat sugar, but that really isn’t true. They ate something like 2/3 as much sugar as we do today, which is still quite a lot of sugar, and they were around twenty times more likely to be lean and free of many degenerative diseases. Seed oils are the significant thing that they didn’t eat back then. Instead they ate traditional fats like butter, which we believe is a good fat. Coconut oil is also a very good fat.

Why would seed oils be unhealthy?

Researchers have found quite a few ways that seed oil could be harmful. One issue is that they are usually very high in omega-6 fatty acids. Some scientists believe these are bad for us. This study sketches out possible ways that omega-6’s (found in seed oils) could be involved in the development of heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. (Study)

Coconut oil and avocado oil have less omega-6 fatty acids

The cheese puffs we’ve recommended here are made with coconut oil or avocado oil and both of these are lower in omega-6 fatty acids. Coconut oil has hardly any omega-6 in it, so we really like the Paleo Puffs which use coconut oil.

Food shouldn’t be highly manufactured – Nature is best!

Avoid weird chemicals in your cheese curls!

You deserve the best snacks that don’t have ANY weird ingredients that can hurt your health. That’s why cheese puffs that don’t use seed oils should also be free of chemicals! The Paleo Puffs at the top of our list are organic, which means that they aren’t exposed to any pesticides. Cheese puffs are usually made with corn (these are made with cassava though) and corn is usually heavily sprayed with potentially harmful pesticides which may hurt your hormone levels. That’s why junk food cheese puffs (which we don’t recommend) are likely filled with a little bit of pesticide, which we’d really prefer to avoid!

These cheese puffs won’t have chemicals in them

The Paleo Puffs shouldn’t have any pesticide in them, due to being organic. The Power Curls are also made with organic materials, except for the egg whites in them. So they are likely very low in pesticides too. Both the Paleo Puffs and the Power Curls are free of chemical additives as well, such as dyes or preservatives. They are also free of gums and emulsifiers and anything that isn’t from nature.

Good food comes from farms!

When you snack on cheese curls without seed oil, you snack with no worries!

Whichever name you call them, seed oil free cheese curls or cheese puffs are a great snack. You don’t need to give up crunchy crispy snacks to avoid seed oils. All you need is good brands that don’t use those bad oils and you’re good to go!

Looking for other snacks with no seed oil in them?

We are finding the best snacks out there, free from seed oils and additives, and showing you where to find them! You can check out our guides to snacks without seed oil here. We hope this is helpful and that you continue to enjoy your favorite snacks!

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