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Join our affiliate program!

Love our chips? Join our affiliate network and get paid when someone buys with your link!

If you’re already an affiliate for us, you can go to your Affiliate Area here.

How does it work?

You get 7% – that means if someone clicks your link to our site, and that person buys a $50 box of chips, you get $3.50. And if a hundred people bought those boxes from your link, you’d have $350.

Once you’ve registered and we approve you to be an affiliate, you’ll be able to generate a special tracking link. You can link to any part of our website. You’ll want to post links to us on your social media or on your own website.

Why promote our tallow chips?

The world is awash in seed oils. Most potato chip brands are junk food fried in seed oil and made from chemical-sprayed potatoes. The average person consumes pesticide residue and some 2000% more seed oil than in the past, and we believe that this has caused the obesity epidemic.

Our potato chips are made from organic potatoes so there’s no endocrine disruptor fungicides on them.

We fry our chips in grass-fed, grass-finished beef tallow, so there’s zero seed oil (and very low PUFA). Beef tallow is a natural, traditional cooking fat that has been prized for 1000’s of years as a source of vitality. Tallow may be the very best fat in the world. It’s also perfect for frying chips, since it doesn’t degrade under the heat of frying and it gives the chips a really special savory flavor. Tallow chips are better in every way. A bold statement, but it’s true.

We are going to help the world replace seed oil with real, natural, high-vitality fats like beef tallow. By promoting our chips, you can be part of this and really help people out. You can help people remove seed oils and pesticides from their diet.

We are going to cut seed oils from the world, and we’re going to do it now. To do it, we need you to spread the word about seed oils and promote our tallow chips. Be our affiliate and you’ll earn money while you do it! Register below:

How do you get paid?

We send your earnings to you monthly with PayPal, once your unpaid earnings reach $10 or more.

How do we know the customers came from your link?

When you join the program we’ll give you a special tracking link that tells us you sent the customers. It will look like this:

In that link ?ref=1 is what makes it a tracking link. 1 is the ID of the affiliate. Your affiliate ID will be a different number that will be assigned to you. If your ID is 352, for example, then the code at the end of your links would be ?ref=352

This is how we know that you’re the one who sent the customer and that you earned a commission when that customer buys.

What if someone clicks the link and leaves but comes back later to get chips?

If they buy chips within 60 days of clicking your link, you still get paid. (Unless they clear their cookies)

What are the full ingredients of the chips?

The ingredients are organic potatoes, grass-fed, grass-finished beef tallow, and salt. Nothing else.

Need to know more?

If you have any questions, please contact us any time.

And here’s our Affiliate Terms of Use.