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About Us

We’re going to put good food in people’s hands, without all the effort and sacrifice that it currently takes to eat healthy.

Mission Statement

Provide good snack food that isn’t messed up, so people can easily stay healthy, lean, and happy, like we are naturally made to be, without having to give up tasty snacks, because there’s usually no need to give them up, when they aren’t messed up.

Core Values

I expect I could sell snake oil for a higher profit margin but I refuse to do it, because it’s wrong. I insist on only selling products people will truly benefit from. We’ll never purposefully lie to you,  we’ll never sell you stuff we don’t believe is genuinely good. I want to see people get happy and healthy, and I’m not OK with profiting from doing anything immoral.

In Depth

There is an absolute health disaster in this country, and no one in the mainstream seems to have the answer to it yet.

100 years ago, nearly all Americans were lean and free of conditions like metabolic syndrome.

Now, in America, more than half are overweight and more than half have at least one degenerative condition.

What is causing this? What has changed?

It wasn’t carbs, and it wasn’t saturated fat. These really haven’t changed much over that time. It wasn’t really even sugar. They ate quite a bit of sugar 100 years ago.

According to my research, seed oils are probably to blame. 100 years ago, they used mostly butter, tallow, and lard. Today, our foods mostly use soybean oil, canola oil, and other seed oils.

The only huge differences in diet over the last 100 years ago (other than chemical additives) have been the massive rise in seed oil consumption, and a big rise in the consumption of chicken; and I really doubt chicken is making us fat!

Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, Dr. Cate Shanahan, MD, and others have identified ways in which seed oils are destroying our health. They suggest that seed oils are extremely bad for people, and are responsible for the great surge in obesity and degenerative disease.

There is a huge need for food that doesn’t make us fat and sick. Several generations ago, you could mostly eat whatever you liked and stay healthy and lean. There was little need for diets or workout programs.

I want to be part of bringing this back!

There are very few food products on the shelves that use something other than seed oils.

I want to have products free of seed oils on grocery store shelves! Butter, tallow, low-PUFA lard, and coconut oil should be the mainstays, instead of seed oils.

I want the “Standard American Diet” to be perfectly fine because it’s composed of good fats like beef tallow, and not soybean oil.

I want the average American to enjoy being lean, energetic, and healthy because there’s no seed oil in the food!